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Unique-Home Showroom is one of the GCC's most luxuries showrooms. At Unique-Home you will find 3,500 square fit of the most trusted names in the marble, kitchen, sanitary ware and etc. The Unique-Home name originally comes from the owners prospective, which is Quality, but only if you have quality with a unique design combined, then you will be able to have a unique home. We invite you to visit our showroom in Dubai. We have been serving our customers around the country for a decade now and feel confident we can help make your next purchase the most satisfying experience it can be.

Our Products.

Our Service for you

Each Project is uniquely designed to suit your lifestyle. We combine the beauty from traditional eras with the comfort of modern living, leaving you with a timeless admired finish. Right from concept to completion we take the time to understand your requirements' and expectations, maintaining attention to the finer details.

We use highly skilled workmanship along with exquisite materials, which have been carefully sourced from the finest artisans from the world.

When you make a large purchase like a ceramics and sanitary ware, paying for it isn't the end of the matter - you have to get the thing set up (and perhaps an old one taken away), and sometimes you may not have the time, expertise or just muscle to do that. We've a number of additional services designed to relieve you of those tasks, many of them performed by our specially-trained staff.

In-Store Design Consultation

Our on-staff interior designers are prepared to help you with your design projects and dilemmas. With an interior decorating professional always on the floor, you will have immediate help with all your questions, ranging from color consultation to home accessory selection. As trends come and go, we stay up to date on the latest while staying true to classic styles. We understand how to transform your taste, personality, and desires into a completed space that makes you feel truly at home.

Custom In-Home Design
Services and Staging

Our designers are available to visit your home for a custom design consultation. Our services include a wide range of budget options, ranging from home staging to complete redesigns. We will help create new layouts, arrange accessories, and make color suggestions, renewing your living space in a matter of hours.

Our Work

Through our strong team of designers and talented artists, we can deliver specialized interior designs and desires of our clients in the shortest possible time, without compromising on any of the attention to details and quality.

Our showroom furnished by wide variety of Products such as Marble, Granite, Ceramic, Kitchen Cabinet, Sanitary ware, Mixer, Wallpaper and lights. Full packages of interior to design a unique home.

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